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Health Conditions


The Basics

Learn the basics about diabetes from the American Diabetes Association, including Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. Find out the symptoms of diabetes and learn some common myths about this disease.


Find out if you are at risk for Type 2 diabetes and learn how to take steps to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

Living with Diabetes

Start with this guide to diabetes to learn how to take care of your diabetes. The American Diabetes Association has additional information on treatment and care. You can also find out what you need to know about eating, exercise, and how to prevent diabetes problems.

More Information

Check out a health kit on diabetes from the Library. The kits contain books, DVDs, brochures, and articles. Find other books about diabetes to check out or read the latest news and articles about diabetes in ProQuest Health, a website you can access for free from the library or with a library card from home.

Get Help

Truman Medical Centers is a two-hospital, not-for-profit health system located in Kansas City, Mo. The downtown location, TMC Hospital Hill, is the largest provider of outpatient specialty care in Kansas City, operates the busiest adult emergency department in the city and has one of the top Level 1 trauma centers in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The suburban hospital, TMC Lakewood, is located near Lee's Summit and provides a range of specialty and outpatient services.

Among the many support services offered by the Black Health Care Coalition in Kansas City are workshops for diabetic management and prevention.

The Harmon Diabetes Center in Kansas City focuses on helping diabetics learn about meal planning, physical activity, blood sugar monitoring, medicine options, risk reduction, and lifetime self-management skills.

Health Kits

Diabetes Health Kit

Check out a health kit from the Library that contains books, DVDs, brochures, and articles.

News & Articles

Access these articles for free from the library or with a library card from home


American Diabetes Association

Provides basic information about diabetes, how to live with diabetes, food and fitness tips, and more. – Diabetes

Includes information about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and links to news, related issues, research studies, and clinical trials.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – Diabetes

Provides facts about diabetes and prediabetes, how to eat right and stay healthy, financial information, and more.

African Americans and Diabetes Complications

Learn how African Americans are disproportionately affected by diabetes.


Diabetes Risk Test

Find out if you are at risk for diabetes. Provided by the American Diabetes Association.


Track what you eat to manage your diabetes. Provided by the American Diabetes Association.

Interactive Tutorial on Diabetes

Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for diabetes. Includes animated graphics and audio.

The Health & Wellness Center at the Lucile H. Bluford Branch is a partnership between The Kansas City Public Library, Truman Medical Centers, and the Health Sciences Institute of Metropolitan Community Colleges - Penn Valley. Funding for the project was made possible in part by a grant from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City.